10:12:23 - 16.07.2019


Founder of Peace and National Unity,

Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan,

His Excellency Emomali Rahmon



On April 18, 2019, the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Tajikistan held a meeting with the Judge of the Constitutional Court Hoshimzoda D. and Abdurahimzoda D. with the regional head of the Program for the Promotion of Legal Statehood in the Central Asian Countries GIZ (German Society for International Cooperation) Jorg Pudelka, Acting Head The programs in Tajikistan are Kristina Kore-Perkone and the national coordinator of the Program in Tajikistan.
During the meeting, issues related to strengthening bilateral cooperation aimed at the development of constitutional justice, as an important factor in the development of modern constitutionalism in a democratic state, were discussed.
At the end of the meeting, the parties expressed satisfaction with the level and quality of developing relations.


From February 26 to March 2, 2019, Judge of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Tajikistan Hoshimzoda D. participated in the International Judicial Colloquium on the theme: “The role of the judiciary in promoting the rule of law in environmental matters” and the twelfth meeting of the Task Force of the Aarhus Convention on Access to justice that took place in the city of Geneva.
Representatives of the judicial bodies and international organizations of various countries, in particular Armenia, Azerbaijan, Albania, Belarus, Hungary, Bosnia-Gertsogovina, Guinea-Bissao, Germany, Georgia, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Vezia, Howarth, Estonia, Director of the Department for Environment of the European Economic Commission of the United Nations Organizations, representative of the Regional Office of the United Nations Program for the Environment, Chairman of the Forum of the European Union of Judges for the Environment, the Secretariat of the Aarhus Convention and others.
The purpose of the events was to strengthen the capacity of the judiciary to effectively address cases related to environmental issues, implement constitutional environmental human rights, and thereby contribute to achieving the objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals, promoting the rule of law in national and international levels, as well as ensuring equal access to justice for all.
Within the framework of the events, various issues related to ensuring environmental justice and the Sustainable Development Goals were discussed; the use of international law in environmental litigation; capacity building needs in this area for judges and other oversight bodies; regional, subregional and global cooperation to promote effective access to justice in environmental matters; legislation of various countries in the field of access to justice and environmental information; judicial practice on this issue and other relevant issues in this area.
Also at the Bali events, issues related to the relationship of the Aarhus Convention with other multilateral agreements in this area, air quality and strengthening of regional and international cooperation in this area were discussed.


From 1 to 2 November 2018 Judge of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Tajikistan Gulzor M. and Assistant Chairman of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Tajikistan J. Ganiev took part in the International Conference on the theme: “Constitutionalism of the new millennium” in the city of Yerevan.
The conference was prepared at a high level on the initiative of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Armenia together with the International Analytical Center "Constitutional Culture" with the participation of representatives of the constitutional control bodies of Armenia, Austria, Bulgaria, Belarus, Georgia, Saxony, Kosovo, Latvia, Mongolia, the Russian Federation, Tajikistan, European Court of Human Rights. Venice Commission of the Council of Europe, etc.
During the conference, representatives of all the participating countries spoke and noted the role of constitutional culture in shaping the spiritual world of modern man.
All speakers at the conference noted that in the modern world the Constitutional Court acts as an important element of the political system and serves to ensure social stability in the conditions of developing democracy and reforming society, and also solves existing problems in the area of ​​constitutional legality, as an important part of its competence is checking for compliance with the Constitution of regulatory legal acts issued by public authorities.


From 11 to 12 October 2018, the Summit of the Supreme Court of Cassation and Equivalent Institutions on the theme: “Transparency of judicial procedures” was held in the city of Istanbul of the Republic of Turkey.
Representatives of the supreme bodies from 18 countries of the world and representatives of authoritative international organizations from such countries as Afghanistan, Hungary, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, participated in the work of this representative forum, which was initiated by the Supreme Court of Cassation of the Republic of Turkey. Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkey, Uzbekistan, the Eurasian Economic Court, representatives of state structures of the Republic of Turkey, etc.
The conference was prepared at a very high level and it discussed the most up-to-date topical issues regarding the work of judicial bodies of all instances in ensuring the constitutional stability of states, the role of courts in protecting human and civil rights and freedoms in modern conditions.
The judge of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Tajikistan Gulzor M. took part in the conference.


From September 17 to September 22, 2018, Saidova N., assistant judge of the Constitutional Court, and Khakimova G., lead specialist of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Tajikistan in Ankara, Republic of Turkey, made an official visit. They participated in the sixth Summer School of the Association of Constitutional Judges of Asian Countries and Equivalent Institutions. The theme of this event was “Rights to Freedom and Security”.
Representatives of the constitutional courts of the Republic of Belarus, Georgia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Ukraine and other countries also participated in this training course.
During the trainings, topics related to human rights and regulatory legal acts of these countries in the field of security, protection of human rights and freedoms, and guarantees of the right to privacy were considered.
Khakimova G. delivered a report on the topic: “Rights to Freedom and Security” and focused the attention of the participants on the role of the Constitutional Court, ensuring freedom and security, and the rights of man and citizen in the Republic of Tajikistan.
The latter, in her introduction, noted that all regulatory legal acts regulating this issue were adopted in the Republic of Tajikistan. They are aligned with the Constitution. On the issue under consideration, which is very relevant in the modern world, an exchange of views took place.
The materials and reports of the training participants by the program organizer will be collected as a compendium and will be published.

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